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This, however is recommended because it avoids the need for medication after the procedure. It is also the glaucoma laser surgery procedure commonly recommended for pigmentary glaucoma which is common among males of African-American descent. Angle closure glaucoma results if the space or angle between the iris and cornea is too narrow and this results in poor drainage of aqueous fluids. Peripheral iridotomy is the glaucoma laser surgery option for this type. To relieve the pressure, laser beams are used to make a small hole on the iris. The space or angle widens as the iris moves away from it. This corrects the flow of aqueous fluids. For more severe cases of glaucoma, the procedure usually recommended is laser cyclophotocoagulation. An example is when new blood vessels are formed in the eye as a result of diabetic retinopathy. The new blood vessels can seriously affect the flow of aqueous fluids in the eye resulting in pressure buildup. This leads to a form of glaucoma called neovascular glaucoma. For this glaucoma laser surgery procedure, the doctor uses endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation to observe the ciliary body. This is also connected to an endoscopic camera.

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